Oh, God, I’m soooo tired…

Breath. Breath honey, we’ve all been there or I don’t want to talk to you, the Terminator-Mom. There’s nothing to be ashamed, no-one to blame and it’s in general normal situation. The way out should be normal as well. Let me give you an idea of it.

First, stop. Stop doing anything and put a baby down into her crib or on the floor. A baby under a year old simply can’t do something annoying on purpose, he doesn’t know what’s it like – on purpose. More likely he has a serious reason to cry and fussy. And that’s me who can’t recognize it and make her life better.

Second, breath. I mean it! Deep breaths. In out, in out. Throw something lightweight into the wall or a couch (so that a baby wouldn’t get scary). Sometimes I feel much better if I scream out loud. Sometimes very loud.

Third, think. Think how deeply I love my baby. Realize that all these awful moments are temporary and no one will remember them in a few years.

My little one does my head in for several weeks for now. She’s teething and I’m chronically tired, sleepy and overworked. I haven’t had a day off since… OMG, for six months or so! I had a few hours when Alex (my dear husband) took the kid on himself, but it was months ago. He’s in a long business trip now and I’m exhausted.

Okay, nothing to complain, I need to do something. 2 more months till Alex come back home. I decided to do the following:

What can I do in the immediate future:

  1. Sleep. It’s a very powerful regenerative tool. The bad news is that no or bad sleeping ruin everything: mood, strength, hormones, weight, skin color, etc. Good news – it won’t last forever. Take care of yourself and get as much sleep as you can from the very beginning.
  2. Give up work. Housework and my projects too. At least until I get in a better condition. It’s okay to prioritize things, and I need to fill sorry for myself much more than to any sensitive relative or a picky client.
  3. Have something delicious in a drawer. Sometimes I return from my baby’s crib thinking: “I would light up a cigarette if only I were a smoker”. I use candies instead.
  4. Get healthy food habits. It’s a big thing! You need to eat well to have the strength to deal with all these! Remember about water too.

In a longterm period thing about the following:

  1. Get help. Babysitter, cleaner, gardener, products and dinner delivery. Even a friend passing by can help to socialize and to speak to someone older than 3 months (in my case).
  2. Go for a walk. Plan your routes beforehand, get a baby and go. In any weather, any condition, at least 30 min – not for your kid, but for yourself. Grab a cup of coffee, sing a song like you’re in headphones (you maybe not) and smile to have a better day than it was yesterday.
  3. Plan a time on your own. If it’s possible. For me – no chance for at least a month from now. But I know that this help! An hour or two with a cup of coffee, a book, sitting in a cafe or on a bench in a park, making your hair or nails done – any minute counts when you’re finally alone.
  4. Remember: this too shall pass. Each day is a better day, every week it becomes easier than it was. You get used to a routine, a baby is growing – and it’s amazing, your communication and connection gives great results. Just remember it and go on!