What are the main reasons moms all over the world struggle in order to feel better, to look better, to do everything they plan and to do it in time? We have a lack of time, we create huge to-do lists and keep them in our heads, we feel exhausted and can do nothing with it as we live in a constantly changing environment.

Does this sound familiar? You’re not alone, trust me.

But as the magic works for a week food prep or a going-through-clean-up (have you tried both?), the same works for exercising too.

Not having it at all

I found that in the continuously changing conditions I have with my little one, I simply can’t stick to any of the work-out routines. No yoga, no fitness, no running (oh, I wish I could go for a run in the mornings…) and no gym. In the morning I can’t gather myself for a proper work-out, in the evening I’m too tired for it. During the day I simply forget to do any exercises.

Paid apps worked for me a while ago (hmmm, it was ‘a while before the kid’), Asana Rebel for fitness-yoga work-outs (it’s like the real yoga, but more for strength build, with a lot of repetitions and work with your own weight) is my favorite.

The more I tried, the more days I skipped. So I finally simply turned it off for now.

Lazy exercising

Well, not that lazy, but really comfort ones. I found that I can do a 5-minute work-out every day. It’s simple. In the evenings mostly, when a kid is sleeping and I have my personal time (yeah, those 15 minutes between clean-up, mess gathering, my real work tasks, and many other things).

The problem is that in 5 minutes work-out it’s hard to include whole-body exercises. And the rhythm of such routine is gonna be exhausted.

Let the challenge begins!

Once I found an article “Eight most effective body-weight exercises for bud. Showing on gif” from a runners society web site. I felt like this is what was looking for! This is my way of doing anything!

I made an agreement with myself. I gonna do my 5 min exercises a day for a month. Then I will change exercises – or the agreement if it wouldn’t work. To make all this more official I posted results from week one on Instagram. I was asking to join me somebody else – but no-one did. That’s okay, this is my decision. A company would be a bonus though.

I’m on my week four now! And this actually works! Here’s why:

  • 5 min a day is achievable
  • exercises are simple
  • I can skip a day or two during the week – no pressure
  • I have a day-off on Sundays
  • I know when this challenge will end

All mentioned above gives me freedom and opportunity at the same time. I’m not obliged with doing more, but very happy by doing less!

This trick is not for everyone

I believe that beauty is not in the waist measurements and if you are comfortable with the way you look – that’s awesome! It’s not about me though. I like to feel tiredness after exercises, to know where my muscles placed, to see body improvement after a while. But again – this is my choice.

You can also be one of those wonder-women who have time for a daily routine and who are able to repeat the same work-out over and over again. Unfortunately, that’s not me either.

For the other stay-at-home moms, I highly recommend trying this trick and to set a one-month-challenge. Just to see what happens.