Getting out for a walk became a “get all things done” marathon to me and my kid. To get to the office, post-office and a delivery service company – for my business, a food market to buy fruits, to restock coffee supply in the coffee-shop on the corner, to pass through an alley in the city center and a big park pretty far away from home – to give my little one to walk a bit by herself. Ugh!

But today we found an empty playground near a brand new large apartment house. I rocked baby on the swing, walked a few steps. I was ready to go on, actually, when kid planked herself down on the ground and started to collect small rocks from the floor. Veeeeery sloooooowly. I didn’t figure out what happened that moment and just helped her to stand up to carry her on. But she kept getting back on the ground and to collect rocks. She took each smallest rock into her tiny hand, looked at it curiously and let it down. Then took the other tiny rock and story repeats.

I sit on the ground near her, stretch my legs and watch. And suddenly I realize that this is life! Not the office or market or anything else – this is where my life is: with tiny rocks in a small hand, with curious eyes and funny cheeks.

We didn’t manage to get to the office that day. As well as a post-office, a market, and a park. And you know what? Nothing happened! We were sitting on the ground with my little kid and watched the rocks falling from hand.

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